Trekking in Nepal during August

June 16, 2024 nepalguide
Trekking in Nepal during August

Trekking and Hiking  in Nepal during August

Trekking in Nepal during August July and June is transition month between summer and the monsoon season in Nepal it can get very hot, very humid and very wet must part of Nepal. Rains during monsoons season along the Annapurna Circuit/ Annapurna Base camp/ Ghorepani/ Mardi Himal/Langtang/ Everest – you might get lucky though August is in the middle of monsoon season in Nepal it can get very humid, wet and trekking routes are often closed. Heavy monsoon weather will be highly likely along with thunderstorms. August is one of the least popular months to go trekking and Hiking in Nepal. For the most part at 2,200m expect day time temperatures of 26+ degrees to 30dgree and temperatures at night around 15 degrees.

Treks and Hikes to consider during August in Nepal

Long, popular or remote treks are not recommended in August due to the monsoon rains. Short hikes around like Nagarkot or Dhulikhel should be possible Chisapni day hike. Dhampus near Pokhara should also be possible Ghandruk hike from Naya Pul. Avoid bus travel to remote areas, distant or unmarked trails due to the increasing risk of floods and landslides better to only short hike around Kathmandu and Pokhara  Sirubari, Panchase, Mardi himal  and other short hike from Kathmandu it called phulchowki day hike

What is the weather like in August for trekking and hiking in Nepal?

Wet monsoon weather delivers torrential downpours. Expect 30+ degree* weather in the mountains during the day. During the night temperatures are often around the 16 degree range*. Humidity stays high with heavy showers mixed with prolonged rains that cool things down a little. * Weather temperatures and conditions change as you go up in altitude or descend. Likewise there are variations depending on the hike. Always expect passes and base camps to have more extreme conditions. The temperatures listed here are only used as rough indications.

Historical weather data for trekking and hiking in August

We’ve been keeping an accurate record of both GPS data for trails and the weather to try and help trekkers and hikers make decisions. The following information is correlated based on real trekking / hiking guides and trekkers who were in the following areas. The weather data is broken down into the year of the trek,

Where Should I go while trekking in Nepal in August?

The dangers of unpredictable weather at the mountainous and hilly regions of Nepal, the landslides, thunderstorms and snow do not make for a suitable trekking experience at the Himalayas. But do not get upset yet, because the rains do not affect the rain shadow areas of the Himalayas of Nepal.

Also, some village treks around Pokhara, Kathmandu Chitwan safari and Dhulikhel are open all year round, be it summer, fall or winter.

Few tips for trekking 

Nepal during August The leeches are very much a factor while trekking Nepal in August. They will stick to your body, so it is advisable to bring kitchen salt along with you. Pouring Kitchen salt on the leeches will help you get rid of them.

Many places mentioned above fall in the restricted area, so necessary paperwork should be in place before embarking on the trail.

To avoid rain while trekking in Nepal in August, try starting early in the morning IT MORE better for hiking because afternoon normally rain .

Upper Mustang Trekking /tour 

Mustang Land beyond the mountains; this is the name bestowed to Mustang. It is the place that lies in the shadow of the massive Annapurna range. Mustang was not open for trekking until quite recently. Trekking across Nepal in August at any other parts of the country can be very wet. Here the rainfall is minimal even in the peak monsoon periods.

Stepping in to Mustang is sort of like going back in time as one often sees horses galloping in the barren lands, battered trails and ancient monasteries.

Upper Dolpo trekking

This  is the longest trek on the list, as it takes 25/28 days to complete. You should seriously consider giving Upper Dolpo a shot when trekking during August at Nepal. During the winter, the region is very cold and treacherous to hike, so August makes for a perfect time to be hiking in this part.

This part of Nepal was closed to tourists until 1989, so unlike other more famous treks like the Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) and Everest base camp (EBC), the Dolpo trail is relatively untouched.

Manaslu Trekking

Most consider the Manaslu Trek as being a suitable trekking route throughout the year regardless of the seasons. Although not as popular as Annapurna and Everest Treks, it is every bit as amazing and as fulfilling.

Like the above mentioned trek, this one also lies in the rain shadow areas. So you don’t have to worry about rainfalls, or mud tracks on your way to 5100 meters of pure bliss and adventure.

Festivals in the month of August in Nepal

Janai Purnima

Raksha Bandhan, also Rakshabandhan, is a popular, traditionally Hindu, annual rite, or ceremony, which is central to a festival of the same name, celebrated in parts of the Indian subcontinent, and among people around the world influenced by culture from the Indian subcontinent.

Gai Jatra

Gai Jatra, is a festival celebrated in Nepal, mainly in Kathmandu valley by the Newar community. The festival commemorates the death of people during the year and is generally celebrated in the month of [Bhadra |Bhadra] August–September.

Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna Janmashtami, also known simply as Janmashtami or Gokulashtami, is an annual Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of Krishna, the eighth avatar of Vishnu.