The Trekking guides team and porters forum of our company is social service and non-profit outlet working for problems, human rights, insurance and unify trekking guides & porters. Our Trekking guide team and porters forum section works for development of economic activities and promoting Nepal as travel destination in both local and international market.

Another objective of our Trekking guides team and porters forum is to create opportunities for unskilled trekking guides and porters to gain training and education. The certification program makes the new level of skilled trekking guide team and porters. The company has a strong ethical value that converting unskilled travel workers in to certified travel workers will make a lot of good to both tourists and tourism industry. Our Trekking guide team and porters forum is always open for all trekking guide and porter for any inquiry, help, suggestion, training, consultancy and emergency support.

Nepal is known for its stunning mountain landscapes and is a popular destination for trekking and mountaineering enthusiasts. Many trekkers opt to hire local trekking guides and porters to assist them during their treks/ hikes. These guides and porters are familiar with the terrain, culture, and logistics of trekking in the region, and they can provide valuable support and expertise.

To find trekking guides and porters in Nepal, you can consider the following options:

Trekking Agencies: Numerous trekking agencies operate in Nepal, offering a range of services, including trekking guides and porters. These agencies can arrange your trekking permits, accommodations, transportation, and other logistics. They often have a pool of experienced guides and porters that you can hire.

Online Portals and Forums: There are several online platforms and forums where you can find information and connect with trekking guides and porters in Nepal. Websites like TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree Forum, and are popular platforms where you can find reviews, recommendations, and contact information for guides and porters.

Local Recommendations: When you arrive in Nepal, you can inquire at local tourist information centers, guesthouses, or fellow trekkers for recommendations on reliable trekking guides and porters. Local knowledge and word-of-mouth recommendations can often lead you to experienced and trustworthy individuals or teams.

It’s important to ensure that the trekking guides and porters you hire are properly licensed, experienced, and trained. They should have adequate knowledge of the trekking routes, safety procedures, and emergency protocols. Make sure to discuss your requirements, expectations, and any specific concerns before finalizing an agreement with a guide or porter.

Please note that the availability and functioning of specific forums or teams may change over time. Therefore, it is always

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