How much does a guide cost in Nepal?

June 24, 2024 nepalguide
How much does a guide cost in Nepal?

How much does a guide ,Porter-Guide and Porters cost in Nepal?

How much does a guide ,Porter-Guide and Porters cost in Nepal?
Nepal Mountain strong Porter
The amount you pay for your guide in Nepal, or porter or porter-guide can vary quite a lot. Some guides in Nepal will cost a lot of money and for other Nepal guides you’ll pay very little. What varies the most however and what you may never know, is how much of that money actually goes to your guide or porter and how much the trekking agency in Nepal or elsewhere keeps for themselves.
Nepal Guide Info Team was formed with guides in Nepal and is ran by guides in Nepal, which means we really care about the quality of life of our guides and porters and are committed to ensuring every single trekking guide that works with us gets paid properly and is well looked after.
Before you look for your team, make sure you know the difference between a guide and a porter.
All prices are quoted in US Dollars.
The talkative ones with the jokes and the knowledge to share to really enrich your experience.
Our standard daily rate for hiring a highly skilled Nepal guide is $24
Strong Mountain Porter
Porters The heavy lifters, who’ll always have your warm clothes waiting for you at the other end.
Each day with a hard working, well paid Nepal porter or Sherpa is $18
The Jack-Of-All-Trades. They know where they’re going and they can help you get there if you need it.
Each heartwarming and slightly easier day you spend with them will be $18

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