Trekking Nepal in July-August – September – Trekking and Climbing

May 31, 2021 nepalguide
Trekking Nepal in July-August – September – Trekking and Climbing
Trekking in Nepal 2022/2023 Monsoon and autumn do read my full article on when is the best time of year to go trekking and hiking in Nepal for a full overview which it makes it easy to pick the best season to go trekking. Meanwhile here’s a monthly breakdown.
» What’s it like to trek in Nepal in July?
While the fall season may have the clearest skies, trekking during the monsoon has its own advantages. Some treks should be avoided, but for certain regions it’s a great time to visit Nepal: the trails are less crowded, the villages are full of life and the valleys are in bloom. Nepal planet Treks and Expedition organized best your choice
Understanding the Monsoon season
Monsoon Starting around mid-June, peaking in July and August in Nepal , and winding down in early September, the monsoon brings rain, humidity and an increase in temperatures to most of Nepal. True – mountain views are often obscured by cloud, temperatures get uncomfortable, and it rains daily. And yes, there are leeches. But thanks to the sheer height of the Himalaya, many of the best treks lie in the Himalayan rain shadow that stretches across northern Nepal. Even in the upper reaches of the Everest region, you’ll see far less precipitation than the lower regions of Nepal.
The advantage of trekking in the monsoon is that you have the trails to yourself, the full attention of the local teahouses, and a more intimate overall experience with the local people and culture. Also, the rivers are surging, the fields are green and spring is in bloom.
Below, we’ve listed treks that are great options if you’re heading to Nepal in the monsoon.
Nepal Guide info team offer The upper section of the Annapurna Circuit trek lies in the rain shadow, making this a great time of year to avoid the crowds. Consider doing a ‘shortened’ Annapurna Circuit, from Bhulbhule to Jomsom. You could drive into Bhulbhule and then fly out of Jomsom (or take a bus or jeep to Pokhara). It’s also a great time to include the Tilicho Lake side trip.

Expert tips from local Nepal expert: Nepal Guide Info team offers 2022 & 2023

• When starting your trek (counter clockwise), drive in as far as possible to get behind the mountains
• Ideal trekking areas include Nar Phu, Manang, and Tilicho Lake; all in the rain shadow
• Ending your trek, it’s best to have a two-day buffer before any departure flight
• If your flight is delayed out of Jomsom, you can catch ground transport to Beni easily enough, although you’ll have to switch vehicles a couple times
• There are two places (between Tatopani and Galeswhor) where road gets blocked at times but they are quick on fixing this given it’s high tourist season for Indians heading to Muktinath
• There is also a large waterfall, Rupse Falls, which can stop traffic but there is a walking bridge where people coming up swap cars with people going down and everyone is on the move again
• For lower elevations, often an umbrella works great because it’s quite warm (even the best shells will be too hot)
• At higher elevations, proper rain gear is important, such as a breathable waterproof shell
• You need a shell higher up in the rain shadow, as it will rain there also!
Upper Mustang valley Trek — 10-12 days
A more expensive alternative to the Annapurna Circuit, the region of Upper Mustang lies entirely in the rain shadow, completely sheltered from the rain. You can fly in and out of Jomsom (avoiding the roads), and practically avoid the rain completely. This is a great time of year to visit Upper Mustang, when the valleys are in bloom.
Upper Dolpa Trekking
Lower Mustang Trekking