How difficult is the Everest Base Camp, How fit do,solo traveler ,When should I go, Gear list

March 6, 2022 nepalguide
How difficult is the Everest Base Camp,  How fit do,solo traveler ,When should I go, Gear list

How difficult is the Everest Base Camp Trekking in Nepal

No ropes needed and no ice picks needed. There is no vertical climbing involved.
The ground is rough, rocky and gravel strewn. Most of the trek involves long paths that go up and then down. People with weak ankles should take caution.Use caution or seek the expertise of a guide and porters

How fit do I need to be for Everest Base Camp Trek?

A certain level of fitness is required.
For Everest base Camp trek you’ll need to consider the amount of days you’ll be out trekking. Most days include 12-16 days hours of slow hiking. Altitude is the not biggest problem. Going slowly is essential to avoid sickness. Generally speaking, the slower you trek, the easier it is.


What if I am a solo traveler and Trekkers ? Is there a supplemental for singles?

So No problem. Many of our customers are traveling solo. It may also be an option to join a small group or another solo traveler, let us know if this interest you.
Yes, there is a supplemental cost if you are traveling alone, please contact us to find out more.

When should I go to for Everest Base Camp Trek?

October to November is the start of the dry season and is the most popular time to visit Nepal as the monsoon has recently finished, leaving a green and lush countryside, fresh and clean air, and clear views of the Himalayan regions From December to February the temperature is very cold but visibility is still good. With fewer tourists on the trails, this can be the preferred time to visit. However, the cold can make high altitude treks more strenuous than normal. Some treks will be closed due to snow.
March to May is the second most popular time to visit in Nepal . The weather is warmer and the visibility is still good, though not as crystal clear as between October to November. Nepal’s flowers, however, come alive at this time of year.
June to September is the monsoon season. While you can still trek during this time, the options are limited due to the rains
many tourist love to monsoon to because le people if you see really green and natural way to Everest Base Camp trail
What kind of gear do I need for Everest Base Camp Trekking 2017 /2018 ?

Essential Items for Everest Trek

-Warm Jacket
-Waterproof jacket or poncho
-Mid-weight fleece or sweater
-2-3 Hiking shirts
-1-2 pair Hiking pants
-2-3 Non-hiking shirts
-1 Long-sleeve shirt
-1-2 Pairs non-hiking pants, shorts or skirts
-2-3 Pairs warm socks
-Warm hat
-Sun hat
-Long underwear (for high altitude)
-Gloves (for high altitude)
-Towel (preferably quick dry)
-Day pack
-Hiking shoes
-Water bladder or bottle
-Headlamp or flashlight
-Sun screen
-Lip balm
-Personal medications

Non-Essential Items:

-Sleeping bag (can rent in Kathmandu)
-Trekking poles (can buy or rent in Kathmandu)
-Rain pants