Best time to trek langtang valley in Nepal 2024

January 1, 2024 nepalguide
Best time to trek langtang valley in Nepal 2024

Best time to trek Langtang

From February to June the temperatures are warm and the mountains regions of Himalayas and Nepal are alive with color, animals and newly sprouted plant life. It is the most favorable time to challenge you, by trekking in Nepal, and enjoying the beauty that is found on the Langtang Valley Trek. From July to August, the monsoon season is in full swing and even though it is possible to trek in the rain, it is a less pleasant experience I recommend to you ( Sep to Nov ) and ( end a Feb to may last )

Like everywhere in Nepal, the peak season for hiking in Langtang is End of February -May and Sep th 15to – end November, with April and October being the busiest months. The rainy season, June to August is the worst time for trekking. It rains a lot, trails and roads get very muddy, many guest houses close for the off season, at lower elevations there are many leeches.

Winter months December – February 15th are the coldest and the driest months, in January there might be a lot of snow higher up in the mountains. Many guesthouses close for the winter season because there are very few tourists and it’s just too cold to stay up there. Langtang trek is a good winter alternative to some other routes e.g. Annapurna Base Camp trek or Mardi Himal trek that might be inaccessible in winter months due to a lot of snow or high risk of avalanches
We hiked the Langtang trek in mid-February. It was quite cold at night but during the day it was warm. We had one rainy day, the last day of the trek the rest of the days we had clear skies. There were very few tourists on the route. On the downside many guest houses, bakeries, and cafes were still closed for the off-season, we were told they were going to open in end of February

From our hiking experience in Nepal March is the best time for trekking, because;

it’s the end of the dry season not much rain and clear skies
roads and trails are not muddy
many guest houses open after the winter season
there are not too many people
comfortable temperatures for hiking, not too hot not too cold