Average cost of Everest base camp Trek 12 days

June 24, 2021 nepalguide
Average cost of Everest base camp Trek 12 days

Average cost of an Everest base camp Trek 12 days trek 2 night Kathmandu

The prices seems fair but also depends on what is included and what is not. Of course services with US$ 1090 will be less standard than services on $1065 in general. I do not think that you will get better rates than US$ 1065 for Everest Base Camp Trek. Please remember that the price also depends on total days of trek, nights in Kathmandu, number of meals etc. If you confirm a trip with a reputable agent then in general the agent will arrange a guide upon your arrival. If you book with private guides then they generally make scheduled to depart with you. In general both options will confirm you the guide. I am opposed of using a company but a company has some advantages that the guide can’t give. In another booking directly with the guide will give you personal touch and care that a company can not give. That is only my experience by the way. Many regular members of the forum are favorable of using a company than a private guide

How much does it cost to trek to Everest Base Camp 2022?

The baseline cost of trekking to Everest Base Camp will depend on a number of variables. The costs will change based on how inclusive you want your trip to be.

At the cheapest end of the scale, there is the option of trekking to Everest Base Camp independently. At this time, it is not a legal requirement to have a guide to trek to Base Camp – you can go it alone if you choose but. This will obviously save you money, but there are several drawbacks.

If you are trekking alone, you will have to navigate your own way along the trails and carry your own bags. This makes the trek much more physically and mentally difficult. You will also have no-one to go to with questions or advice. If something goes wrong, there is no expert on hand. When you take everything into consideration, the cost of a local guide is a very small price to pay for the safety and ease they will bring to your experience during BASE CAMP trek

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an option that gives you complete ease of experience – taking away all the stress of organisation and allowing you to focus on the adventure, then booking with a tour company is the best option. This will, of course, cost you more – but only because everything is included in one price! One important thing to bear in mind when you’re choosing a company to trek Everest Base Camp with is whether they include NEPAL GUIDE INFO TEAM Guides We are local best guides.

Local guides are fantastic – they have all of the local knowledge and expertise from living in Nepal and having done the Base Camp trek more then two hundred of times. However,

There are also several other pragmatic elements to take into account when you are looking at an Everest Base Camp trek price comparison.