Nepal: Upper Mustang Region Trekking in Nepal 2024

October 7, 2020 nepalguide
Nepal: Upper Mustang Region Trekking in Nepal 2024
History describes Mustang as an independent Kingdom, ancient commercial route between Tibet and India, Sakyapa Buddhist land where Kampa Warriors lived and tried to reorganized their power against China. Here was the land where Milarepa, one of the most important Buddhist Mystic Guru, prayed for years
Mustang has been opened to foreign tourism in 1992. Mustang region is populated by Tibetan people, and the history of this kingdom is a legend all over the Himalayan land.
To go there, you need to reach Pokhara by flight from Kathmandu, or by bus in a long way through the Prithvi Highway (from 6 to 8 hours, it costs no more than 12$). Then you can go to Jomsom by jeep or by flight (20 minutes) or walking for 3 days. Jomsom is the starting point to explore Lo’s Kingdom.
Upper Mustang trek can also be done as part of the Annapurna Circuit trek (It will require travel agency to arrange guide’s trip to Kagbeni for a set date). It will take approximately 9 days to walk from Besi Sahar to Kagbeni if you are doing classic Circuit route without side treks.
Upper Mustang is a restricted trekking area and as such will require a restricted area permit, cost is $500 for 10 days. It is also possible to overstay 10 days limit, but you will have to pay additional 50$ for each day. A guide is required, only group trek is permitted, of at least two trekkers, which does not include the guide. Permits and trek arrangements must be made through a recognized Nepal Planet Treks and Expedition company Kathmandu Nepal .
This is a trekking route, a classic route but it’s good enough to see, learn, and live a good experience in the Lo’s Kingdom, and a good example to whom would like to go there:

Upper Mustang Trekking Itinerary more details on the blow:

1st day: bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara (6 h)
2nd day: flight to Jomsom 2.760m. Starting to trek to Kagbeni 2.840m (around 2 h walk)
3rd day: Kagbeni-Chele 3.100m (around 5 -6 h)
4th day: Chele-Geling 3.570m (around 7-8 ore h)
5th day: Geling-Charang 3.575m (around 6-7 h)
6th day: Charang-Lo Manthang 3.840m (around 4-5 h)
7th day: Lo Mantang
8th day: Lo Manthang-Ghami (around 7 h)
9th day: Ghami-Samar 3.620m (around 6 h)
10th day: Samar-Chhusang 2.980 (around 5 h)
11th day: Chhusang-Muktinath 3.710m (around 6 h)
12th day: Muktinath-Jomsom 2.760m (around 2-3 h)
13th day: flight Jomsom-Pokhara then bus to Kathmandu
If you have good breath you can come back from Lo Manthang to Jomsom in another way, walking through Marang, the remotes villages of Range and Tetang, then down to Muktinath. Choosing this option you can change a little bit the landscapes 😉
If you want to visit Mustang duringatraditional festival, at the end of May, according to the local calendar, there’s
Tiji Festival 2022 Date:
For the Tiji Festival 2022 will be celebrate 27th, 28th & 29th May 2022. Apart from strolling along the stunning and exceptional surroundings of Upper Mustang with the magnificent views of the snow-topped peaks, you can partake on this vibrant and lively festival which will be a lifetime experience.
 Tiji is celebrated in Lo Manthang, the ancient capital of Mustang. During Tiji, the monks of Lo Manthang, dressing traditional coats and wood carved masks, representing gods and Devils, perform traditional Kham dances and give blessing to the people.

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